"PMA will get you where you need to be—greatness can be achieved with a Positive Mental Attitude."

Sean Smith

Director of Network Operations

Technology may be fickle these days, but Simpleview’s Director of Network Operations certainly is not. Few people solve as many crises as Sean Smith does in one day, but even more impressive is the level of pleasantry and professionalism at which he does so. It is a common sight to see Sean walking the halls, taking care of business and proactively approaching others with help. With a degree in information technology and more than a decade of network operations and IT management, Sean Smith provides clients with an unparalleled level of infrastructure and security expertise.

Simply Put:
   •   Proud Father to Three Children
   •   Former USN Hospital Corpsman
   •   Mexican Food Fanatic

Sean wasn’t always passionate about information technology and network operations. His career began first as an EMT in Tucson, AZ and eventually lead to his service as a United States Navy Hospital Corpsman assigned to the Marine Corps. Today, Sean brings the very same level of respect and discipline to the Simpleview community.