"You're killin' me, Smalls!"
- Hamilton 'Ham' Porter, The Sandlot

Samantha Keithly

Lead Digital Media Analyst

As Simpleview’s Digital Media Analyst, Samantha is responsible for the strategy and execution of our client’s media budgets. Coordinating with over forty destinations around the country, Sam helps her clients maximize return for their investment. She also specializes in paid search, display advertising, and social media buys.

Simply Put:
  • Quick Witted and (Lovingly) Sarcastic
  • Global Ice-Cream Connoisseur
  • Arizona Wildcat (Bear Down!)

One of her fondest memories is spending four weeks on a European Vacation after graduating from college. Paris, Vienna, Prague, Amsterdam and London all made the itinerary but Copenhagen was her favorite destination. The beautiful city, decadent ice-cream and fellow blonde hair blue eyed masses helped Sam feel right at home.