“Leaders are neither born nor taught. Leadership is a choice.”
- Stephen R. Covey

Roxandra Acosta

Director of Organizational Development

Roxandra Acosta works as part of our vital administrative staff in Human Resources. She may work in human resources and love meeting new people, but it was Henry, her co-worker’s dog who used to reside right outside her office door, who first welcomed her to Simpleview and put a smile on her face. This is because, as much of a people person as Roxandra is, she believes “life is better with puppies and kittens!”

Simply Put:

  • Owns three cats and a puppy named Kitty.
  • Travel is her passion
  • An avid reader, she nonetheless admits she is a Walking Dead tv series junkie and a closet Bachelor/Bachelorette fan.

Born and raised in Romania, Roxandra moved to New York City where she lived for 18 years, and where she earned her bachelor’s in Psychology from Queens College and her Masters Degree in Human Resources Management from New School University in New York City. Then she decided to make Tucson her “forever home.” Roxandra traveled to 11 countries before her 21st birthday and is currently making time to re-tour Europe with her favorite travel companion, her daughter.


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