“No matter what you believe or who you believe in, it is my opinion that we will all be judged on how we treat others and what you’ve done to help someone else”
- Charles Woodson

Rose Gomez

HR Assistant

Simpleview welcomed Rose to the family in 2015 as our HR Assistant, where she collaborates with the Admin team to help support Simpleview and our employees. Rose truly enjoys her role, noting she loves that employees feel comfortable coming to her with any question they may have.

Simply Put:
   •   Pizza Enthusiast
   •   Netflix binger
   •   Favorite form of travel: Cruises

Rose is happy to have found herself in the tourism industry as she hopes to one day be a travel extraordinaire. Planning to visit all 50 states in her lifetime, and topping her bucket list, a trip to Paris with her aspiring fashion designer daughter.

Finance & Administration