"Live, Love, Bark."
- Moose

Moose Maglothin

Assistant Developer

As Simpleview's dog in residence, Moose helps to bring out the creativity in all of our web designs. He sits for hours assisting our Creative Developer, helping to create those unique items that surprise and delight our clients! Most people say they feel a sense of happiness after spending just a short time in his presence and can go back to the desks ready to tackle any challenge.

Simply Put:
   •   Moose is faster than the speed of light
   •   Stands a whopping 10 inches tall
   •   Bugs beware, Moose has a thing for chasing creatures tinier than himself

When he's not being carried around the office, ala Paris Hilton style, Moose spends his days lounging on desks, chasing toy cars, bringing dead lizards to his proud owner and brightening the day of everyone he comes in contact with. 

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