"Our team really enjoyed the training and was very impressed with your style and ease which made it a very pleasant experience for all of us! You are truly an asset to the Simpleview team!"
- Tracy Kegebein

Monica Valdenegro

Senior Project Manager

As Simpleview’s Training Manager, Monica journeys around the world coaching clients on all aspects of CRM. Outgoing and gregarious, she enjoys meeting, and exploring with just about anyone. At any given moment, you can find her traveling, teaching, or planning to do so.

Simply Put:
   •   Loves Exploring Any Charming Downtown Scene
   •   Over a Decade of Support & Project Management
   •   Ventured to Melbourne, Australia – and Loved It!

When she’s not at work, Monica is checking boxes off of her “50 before 50” bucket list. After landing safely back in Tucson after any adventure, she takes a small detour to order chips and salsa (extra hot!) from her favorite restaurant before returning home.


Simpleview Member/Partner Certifiication Badge

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