"Don't compare your life to others, you have no idea what their journey is all about."
- Regina Brett

Meredith Sasser

DTN Senior Account Executive

Meredith Sasser is an enthusiastic member of our Destination Travel Network team. She assists small businesses with the purchase of effective online advertising placement through their local visitor's bureau.

Simply Put: 

  • Meredith is passionate about making jams and jellies from fresh produce, such as pepper jelly and pear-vanilla bean jam.
  • Given the above, is it any wonder that at the top of Meredith's bucket list is learning to make the perfect biscuit? (Her co-workers are quite willing taste-testers!)
  • When she's not making jams, she's creating jewelry from vintage beads and bits.

Having worked for a visitor's association prior to joining the Simpleview family, and a traveler herself, Meredith can provide businesses with a true 360-degree perspective of the benefits of targeted advertising through DTN.