“With great power comes great responsibility.”
- Uncle Ben

Luke Hewlett

Technical Designer

Joining Simpleview in 2015, Luke Hewlett is responsible for building functional HTML comps for clients to review, designing style guides and website, and helping bridge the gap between the creative and development teams. He most enjoys being surrounded by people who are great at what they do, and having the chance to build skills as both a designer and developer.

Simply Put:
   •   Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Southwest University of Visual Arts
   •   Tucson native
   •   Favorite comic book character is Spiderman

Before he began working as a website designer, Luke started out as an elementary education major. He taught kindergarten and fifth grade, and then decided to pursue other careers (and we're glad he did!). When Luke catches some free time, he loves playing poker and hanging out with friends.