"It is so nice to have a vendor who cares about their clients and takes the time to listen to us and really learn who we are and what we do."
- Kristen Wensig, Director of Partnerships, Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau

Kirsten Van Detta

Product Manager - CRM

Kirsten has been part of the Simpleview family since 2010, and is consistently learning and growing with the company, moving up from one of CRM's Lead Analysts to her current role of Product Manager. In this position, Kirsten leads cross-functional teams in the planning, designing, and building of new products and product enhancements that are usable, valuable, and feasible for our clients and Simpleview. She works closely with our clients, internal staff, and industry leaders to make sure Simpleview is addressing client needs, providing thought leadership within the industry, and helping to sustain the DMO by providing technology solutions that can help keep them ahead of the curve. "I love learning about the industry and being able to work with a group of highly intelligent folks that help us churn out some sweet tech which ultimately helps keep the clients I've grown to love forging ahead in a world that is always second guessing their value. What I do makes a difference because I am helping people that make a huge impact in the world."

Simply Put:

  • Six Sigma Green Belt Certified
  • "Wicked smart and classy like Ron Burgundy"
    - Liz Fernstrom
  • AIPMM Certified Product Manager

Kirsten earned her BA Degree in International Relations - Education, and the farthest she's travelled from home is Durban KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She's also a loving mom. "I think moms are supposed to say their greatest accomplishment is ‘raising my beautiful children,' but I think mine is really that we're all still alive, healthy, fairly sane, and the house is clean."


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