"Whatever you are, be a good one."
- Abraham Lincoln

Kaung Lwin

Jr. CMS Developer

Kaung Lwin works with our CMS team here at Simpleview, maintaining website features and optimum website functionality for our clients. “My favorite part about the job is that I get to solve different challenges everyday and from the process, I also get to learn new things! It is a win win!” Passionate about web development, Kaung says he will sometime sit through hours of coding without noticing the time. “It is like going through a time machine whenever I code.”

Simply Put:

  • Loves watching Marvel superhero movies.
  • Hobbies include traveling, trying new foods, and learning new languages.
  • He’d like to travel to every continent.

Kaung earned his bachelor’s degree in Information Science from the University of Arizona. Beyond coursework, he built up his web development skills with bootcamps and internships.