Josiah Craig

CRM Training Manager

In November 2018, Josiah joined the Product Education team as a Training Manager, where he works to train our clients on the CRM system. His favorite part of his job is learning everything that he can about our intricate CRM system, and working with clients from all over the country and the world.

Simply Put:

  • The farthest he has been from home is Budapest, Hungary, where he admired the city’s remarkable architecture and many landmarks. “It was great to see a different culture and another aspect of history than what I had known previously.”
  • His greatest passion is making movies and writing stories. Over the past few years he has produced several short films, and written a few books that he hopes to make into movies someday.
  • Josiah's favorite TV shows are Chuck, Stargate and Breaking Bad.


Josiah earned his first bachelor’s degree in physiology from Oklahoma State University, and went on to obtain another degree in film and television production from the University of Arizona.

Immediately prior to joining Simpleview, Josiah was the technical trainer at SmartThings, a home automation company owned by Samsung. He has also enjoyed operating a freelance film and editing business for the past three years.