"You can always change your plan, but without a plan nothing ever changes."
- Greg Sherman

Henry Greenberg

Senior Support Manager - CMS

Henry Greenberg joined Simpleview in 2008 as a Client Care Project Manager, providing customer support for both Client Relations Management (CRM) and Content Management Systems (CMS) clients. He then moved into a role as a CMS Project Manager, ensuring projects are completed on time and under budget by working closely with clients and a team of Simpleview developers. He successfully launched over 100+ websites during his time in production. In his current role, as Senior Support Manager - CMS he's again providing customer support for clients and Account Managers.

Simply Put:
   •   Eclectic Work-life Background
   •   University of Arizona Graduate
   •   Master of the English Lexicon

During the routine hiatus from the office, Henry may be partaking in any manner of unique activities. From photography to traveling the world, Henry lacks predictability and manufactures his own entertainment.

Simple Pleasures