"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary."
- Vince Lombardi

Grant Stoltz

Strategic Analyst

As an SEM Digital Media Specialist, Grant Stoltz spends his days creating advertising campaigns, which appear on Google, Bing, Facebook and more. Additionally, he works alongside Simpleview's SEM team to create engaging and effective digital advertising campaigns for our clients.

Simply Put:
   •   His paid media prowess earned him the nickname "Dr. PPC"
   •   Born and raised in Canada (moved to Tucson at age 10)
   •   University of Arizona graduate
   •   House of Cards fanatic- he claims Frank Underwood is his spirit animal

If you happen to walk through the SEM department and hear someone jamming out, odds are you're likely near Grant's desk. He has a passion for all things related to music, and enjoys being able to take a quick break from his work to make some of his own music during the day. Topping Grant's bucket list includes visiting every continent in the world (and yes, that includes Antarctica).