"Virtue is the mean between two opposites."
- Aristotle

George Schaffer

Lead Engineer of Business Intell & Special Project

George Schaffer takes immense pride in his work. The direct impact he makes on the lives of clients and developers, with cutting edge technology, is sincerely the highlight of his workweek. George considers one of his biggest achievements the overhaul of Simpleview’s CMS product to a SAAS model.

Simply Put:
  • Passionate About Aviation and Music
  • Described As “Pragmatic”
  • Formerly an Application Developer / DBA at Intel
  • Holds Two Bachelor Degrees from University of Arizona

George has given Simpleview eight years of his life, starting as a CMS developer. Today, George oversees all aspects of the CMS product team, from a technical and UI / UX perspective, to overseeing CMS software architecture.