“The tragedy of life is not death, but what we let die inside of us while we live.”
- Norman Cousins

Erin Kallish

Account Executive

Erin Kallish is part of our hard-working account associate team, working directly with DMO clients across the globe to make sure our systems and solutions are meeting their needs and delivering positive results. As a travel lover, she enjoys talking with clients in various cities around the world and learning about the tourism industry from the inside.

Simply Put:


  • Lover of pizza and travel
  • Favorite travel companion: her twin, Krista
  • On her bucket list: swimming with the pigs in The Exumas


Erin graduated Cum Laude from The University of Arizona in Tucson with a BS in Retailing and Consumer Sciences. Before joining Simpleview, she worked in Public Relations and Marketing throughout Tucson.


Simpleview Member/Partner Certifiication Badge