"Perfect logic is meaningless without perfect perspective. In order to fully comprehend, one's view must expand to encompass that which is being understood."
- Daniel Westcott

Daniel Westcott

Lead Analytic Solutions Developer

An inventor and designer extraordinaire, Daniel Westcott is committed to making the world a better place. Of his numerous creations, Daniel’s rendering technology is utilized by all of the top carpet companies in the world, reducing waste in the design process and eliminating the consumption of oil and other natural resources. At the top of his bucket list, Daniel hopes to one day establish a non-profit to purchase and fund an orphanage in central India.

Simply Put:

  • Exhibited work in the Smithsonian's Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
  • Loves traveling with his wife, a linguist “interested in everything”
  • Appreciates a particular shade of green experienced in Appalachia

As Lead SEM Developer, Daniel utilizes his agency experience to bear and blend strategic thought with software development. In doing so, Daniel identifies needs, designs and architects solutions, and writes new SEM related modules. Daniel encourages the team to stretch the way they think about development, offering the best solutions available today, and bringing even better solutions to the table tomorrow.