"Fortune favors the prepared mind."
- Dr. Louis Pasteur

Dan Garcia

Lead CRM Analyst

As an integral part of our CRM team, Dan Garcia trains our clients on best practices in using our products. He also helps them develop strategies for data collection and reporting. "I enjoy interacting with our clients, traveling to their destinations, and training them to get the most out of the CRM."

Simply Put:

  • Dan's friends would call him: happy-go-lucky. "I believe a positive outlook leads to positive outcomes.
  • His favorite travel companion is his wife. "She loves to explore new cities, and has a knack for finding the local businesses that reveal the true identity of the location."
  • He's passionate about pizza. "I could eat pizza every day, and my coworkers already think I do."

Dan earned his bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Boston University. The former manager of a retail running store in Tucson, Dan is still an avid runner and dedicated coach.

"Dan has the patience of Job; he is a tremendous resource to us and genuinely pleasant to work with. He quickly addresses challenges before they become roadblocks or pain points, while helping us to better utilize the CRM platform."

-Eric Paschal, Experience Scottsdale


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