“Adventure holds the code for unlocking the hidden features of your life.”

Crystal Trujillo

Product Education Specialist

As a Product Education Specialist, Crystal focuses on the training of both internal teams and external clients on our CMS through various forms of communication. She thrives in this position because of her enthusiasm of working with people and avid interest of the tourism industry.

Simply Put:

  • At the top of her bucket list: travel and experience every state in the U.S. (So far, she’s at 42!)
  • Her favorite travel partner is her son, Zim. “He’s fearless, confident and can always find an adventure. In his mind, there's always something to explore.”
  • Crystal has a passion for constant learning - through experience, reading, discussion and good ole trial and error.
  • She once spent several months in Italy, and a bit of Switzerland, staying with families and being enveloped in the local experience. She says the time she spent there was life changing, as it opened her eyes to absorbing the culture just as much as the destination.


Crystal has extensive experience in project management, process development and documentation developed from several years spent previously working for a national retail business. She has also held positions in acquisitions/integration and education. She even has a background in fashion (in what feels like a former life).

In the past, much of her work has been process and people-focused. She’s assisted in building departments and positions from the ground up into successful, integrated parts of the business.