I think very high of Ben’s professionalism, competency and workability; in other words, he just makes things do what they’re supposed to do.
- Christine “Shimo” Shimasaki, Managing Director, DMAI

Ben Rosamond

Product Manager

Ben Rosamond proudly wears his hat as the hardest employee to track down internationally. Having once visited the Croatian island of Hvar, Ben’s trip required no less than three flights, one boat, two trains, four to five cars and buses, and three-fourths of a mile walk to reach his destination.

Simply Put:
   •   Appreciator of good Thai food
   •   Secluded beach escapist
   •   Avid Game of Thrones viewer

It goes without saying that Ben relishes in finding creative solutions to exciting new problems and challenges. With over a decade of programming and web design experience, Ben’s role as Product Manager, Special Projects allows him to explore new systems and technologies to combat the problems of today and tomorrow.