"Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated."
- Paul Rand

Andrea Martinez

Senior UX Designer

Andrea joined the Experience Design team in October 2018 as a Senior UX Designer. In her role, she creates user-centric websites through research, collaboration, and creative concepting. She looks forward to collaborating with friendly and knowledgeable colleagues both inside and outside of her department.

Simply Put:

  • The farthest that Andrea has ever traveled from home is Spain.  
  • Her biggest accomplishment is earning an MBA while being a working mom.
  • Tacos & chocolate are her favorite foods (but not together!)

Andrea completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona, graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication, and minors in marketing and Spanish. Her first job after college was with the CIA. She then returned to Tucson to work for the UofA & obtain an MBA with an emphasis in marketing.

Experience Design