"I would rather live optimistically and be disappointed, than live pessimistically and be surprised."
- Amir

Amir Muntasser

Senior Lead Developer - Production

Amir joined Simpleview in April 2014 as a CMS Developer. His contributions to the team range from basic footer navigation creation to the complex development of e-stores. The culture of Simpleview and finding happiness in his job motivates Amir to “work that much harder.”

Simply Put:
   •   Devours All Things Ravioli
   •   Fervently Optimistic
   •   Does Not Love Sprouts – The Food or The Store

Amir graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Prior to working at Simpleview, Amir managed a YouTube channel and network, performed freelance web design, and even worked on his own start-up company. Currently at the top of his bucket list is to be part of the creative process in developing a project with Rooster Teeth, a comedic video-game based animation production house.

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