“Wonderful girl. Either I’m going to kill her or I’m beginning to like her.”
- Han Solo

Addie Ibarra

Client Success Manager

Adilene Ibarra is the first point of contact for our VisitApps clients. She supports client app use and troubleshooting, and meets with them to review tips and tricks of the trade and keep them up-to-date on new opportunities. “It's in my title, I try and ensure that my clients are successful,” said Addie. “I enjoy the people I work with, delivering good news to my clients, and the ability to continuously learn … and the fact that there's always food available somewhere nearby is a plus.”

Simply Put:

  • Travels at least annually on her birthday, and has visited Thailand, Bali, Tokyo, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and more.
  • Favorite TV shows: MASH and The Office (“The only two shows to ever make me cry.”)
  • Loves dogs and wine

Adilene earned her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from Arizona State University. Prior to joining Simpleview, she worked in digital sales, the aerospace field, and as a legal assistant.