Tucson, AZ

Vamos a Tucson 

The team tasked with promoting Tucson tourism to the Mexico market is “Vamos a Tucson.” They manage a dedicated website, targeting the 50,000 Mexico visitors traveling daily to Arizona. These visitors pump nearly $1 billion into Tucson’s economy each year, and Visit Tucson derives revenue from booking metro Tucson hotel room nights for customers through their visitor centers in Hermosillo and Ciudad Obregon, Mexico.




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Special Offers & Deals

Tucson is major shopping and entertainment destination for travelers from Mexico. Focus on Tucson shopping, special events, and attractions was a primary goal in the redesign of this website. A prominent homepage slideshow with information on area malls and direct links to special offers and sales immediately gives visitors what they’re looking for. Including a social media feed on the homepage offers an opportunity to engage Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram users as well.

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Revenue Generator

Vamos a Tucson incorporates targeted advertising through our Destination Travel Network (DTN) by promoting various partners throughout the site. This advertising offers visitors relevant content in a way that doesn’t distract from the overall look and feel of the design. ¡Todos salen ganando!

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The Team

From account managers to developers, it takes many hands to bring these sites to life. Here is the team that works on this account.