Utah Valley


The Simpleview team had such a great time exploring Utah Valley during our Destination Immersion, and experienced first-hand how much there is to do and see just a few short miles south of Salt Lake City. From the splendor of Sundance Resort to the beauty of the tulips at Thanksgiving Point Gardens, there is always something glorious on display. We wanted to leave website visitors with that same lasting impression by creating a dynamic feature prominently displayed on the homepage; the massive circle slideshow of customizable images and content, as well as the You Tube video player within the header immediately set this site apart. The bright and lively color palette and patterns also bring an element of spontaneity and fun into the overall design.

Discovery Phase


Simpleview had the amazing opportunity to visit Utah Valley twice! In addition to our onsite Destination Immersion during which we gathered information and inspiration for the new website design, we were able to return with a professional photographer to snap a series of images that really capture the essence and vitality of Utah Valley.

UV Circle
Uv photoshoot


Personalized Trip Ideas
With so much to explore in Utah Valley, we were challenged with developing ways to feature it all in an organized fashion that wouldn’t initially overwhelm a visitor. The concept of creating user-specific experiences excited us and gave us the ability to showcase all that Utah Valley had to offer in a clean and easy to navigate way.

These 8 experiences are sprinkled throughout the site, offering visitors a way to tailor content to their interests. Interior pages provide a large inspirational photo, along with information and related listings specific to that type of experience. Users can choose their own adventure based on the persona that resonates with them, helping them make the best decisions about things to do and see while visiting Utah Valley.

Design Elements


While onsite, the design team noticed a prevalence of circular patterns and began sketching ideas that were later translated into the distinct header feature on the homepage and carried throughout the design of the website in the form of image boxes, and various other design details.

UV Circles

The Team

From account managers to developers, it takes many hands to bring these sites to life. Here is the team that works on this account.