Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City, OK USA

Oklahoma City is more than just cowboy hats, boots, and spurs; this former cow-town has now boomed into a thriving cosmopolitan metropolis. Not wanting to ignore its rich western heritage, OKC needed a website that would not only embrace its past, but welcome its future as a leading city for travel and business. Simpleview drew inspiration from a phenomenal onsite visit as well as a strong branding initiative from OKC to create a unique website experience that is equally sophisticated and western.






OKC Spotlight


OKC Mobile Listings

Location Driven Listings

Oklahoma City has very visual listings allowing for easy viewing and sorting through what is being offered. When in-market, you can sort through the listings by what is closest to you, so if you need a place to stay that night or a restaurant to eat at right now, you can find the closest offerings!

OKC PLanner

Plan Your Trip

The Trip Planner Widget is essential to help visitors plan their trips. When looking at the site and seeing all that the location has to offer, you can just click ADD TO TRIP and that listing will be added to a saved folder that you can view at any time to help make your planning a breeze.



OKC Events

The Highlights Feature for OKC is a fun way to showcase monthly special events, things to do or even neighborhoods. We've designed a fun grid that showcases a large photo and 4 smaller photos, so that at a quick glance, you can easily see what there is to do or see in this destination!…
OKC Highlights


The Team

From account managers to developers, it takes many hands to bring these sites to life. Here is the team that works on this account.