Laguna Beach, CA

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Nestled between the ocean and mountains, Laguna Beach feels like an island all to itself. However, many characteristics of the destination separate it from the rest of Southern California. For one, the coastline areas are protected, allowing for marine wildlife to thrive. Boasting over 100 galleries and multiple annual festivals, this beach town is a very popular artist colony. Laguna Beach also offers great beachside hotels and resorts close to many delicious cuisine options in lively downtown village.

We took all these unique attributes to heart. In the end, the redesigned Visit Laguna Beach website remained true to the reputation and characteristics that make this amazing beach destination so unique.


Insider Mentions


Aimed To Inspire

We let Laguna Beach's incredible imagery take the lead, designing large areas for photography to tell the story. Just as the coastline is protected, we wanted to protect the website’s header area as well. This allowed for an open, uncluttered space for photography to have a maximum impact.

An interactive map was designed to allow visitors to explore the four main regions and the surrounding points of interest…
An Artist's Touch

A little site decoration can go a long way. Inspired by the rich, artistic culture of Laguna Beach, we decide to 'let ourselves go' with some tasteful touches of watercolor brush strokes in the header and footer areas of the website.



The Team

From account managers to developers, it takes many hands to bring these sites to life. Here is the team that works on this account.