Hendricks County, IN

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Hendricks County, Indiana is a friendly, small town set amidst plentiful nature. From beautiful farms to historic buildings, Hendricks County offers unique attractions along the Rural Routes to Main Street Cultural Trail, a roadmap for highlighting history, artistry, and refreshing cuisine throughout the county. Visit Hendricks County not only sought a new website design that better captured its fun-loving and hearty nature, but also more dynamically displayed key features, such as their active blog and abundant partner listings.


Hendricks Spotlight

Discovery Phase


The Creative Team at Simpleview utilizes a variety of tools to bring innovative ideas to life, but good old-fashioned sketchbooks are still critical to the design process. Hendricks County wanted a Polaroid-style slideshow, so we worked through several different design ideas on paper before choosing one to implement.

Hendricks County SketchPad

Sometimes a DMO does not have access to an abundance of photography when they begin a website design. After doing some market research, the Creative Team developed a solution to showcase all that Hendricks County had to offer, even without a vast photo library; the creation of custom vector icons and type treatments that visually excite and entice the user to click and find out more!…
Hendricks IBW


The Team

From account managers to developers, it takes many hands to bring these sites to life. Here is the team that works on this account.