Grand Rapids, MI

Grand rapids, Michigan, USA

Grand Rapids, Michigan is a city filled with the spirit of innovation. The website design was an opportunity to go fully responsive and integrate elements of the successful 2013 microsite, GR City Twist. The Experience Grand Rapids team was a driving force behind our Related Content Module and wanted to fully disperse it throughout the site. The Simpleview crew went on-site for a Destination Immersion during the city's ArtPrize week to fully experience the city at its peak creative setting.



Explore & Experience

On-Site Adventures in Grand Rapids

Our trip to Grand Rapids brought to light how modern the city is! Even with the chilly climate, our team wandered the city looking at art, tasting local beers and seeing the sites so characteristic of this midwestern destination.

What a perfect time of year for immersion, when the city is bursting at the seams with art during ArtPrize!

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Onsite Photos from Grand Rapids
The neighborhood concept was more than just a map feature on the homepage. The idea that every bit of content was related to a location, region, or neighborhood was a pioneering concept that led design. Each neighborhood would get its own designated page that would give an overview of the area and related content…
Grand Rapids Neighborhood
Grand Rapids Map View

Map View

Diving in deeper, we wanted to show you an up-close view of the neighborhoods search via map view. You can click around on the different areas and it will take you to the landing page associated with that neighborhood. Its a great visual way to explore Grand Rapids and get the most out of your trip.

Grand Rapid List View

List View

The Neighborhood List View is another way to showcase the different areas with a more information-heavy approach. You can read about all eight locations in this view as you scroll through the widget, giving the user much more detail before clicking through to the final page.

The Related Content Module
Right from the get go, related content was a crucial element to how content was going to be placed throughout the site. Our Related Content Module at the time, while good, did not meet the demands that the Experience GR team needed it to do. We brought on the full force of our R&D team to develop what is now our current Related Content Module.
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Grand Rapids Featured Events and Blog Module


The Team

From account managers to developers, it takes many hands to bring these sites to life. Here is the team that works on this account.