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French for "Clear Waters," the Eau Claire River, according to local legend, was so named because early French explorers journeying down the rain-muddied Chippewa River, happened upon it and began excitedly exclaiming "Voici l'eau claire!" ("Here is clear water!").


Case Studies

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Mason Tile Photo Collage

Visit Eau Claire wanted the ability to feature the multitude of things to do and see, while offering users the ability to visually sort by category. This photo collage solution gives them the option to refresh content easily by swapping out the images and category links with the Simpleview CMS.

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Featured Listings

Visit Eau Claire incorporates targeted, relevant advertising through our Destination Travel Network (DTN). We added a fun heart icon to designate the featured status of those listings, and to show Visit Eau Claire’s love and appreciation for their partners who are engaged and supportive of their marketing efforts.

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Design Elements


This widget is unique to the Eau Claire site, and offers leisure, meeting, and sports visitors an alternative navigation option, allowing them to search the site based on their individual needs. The widget displays content that is tailored to specific user types, offering quick links to relevant information.

social feed widget

Elements of Eau Claire's colorful, expressive logo were incorporated into the social feed widget to not only frame the content in a unique way, but also to keep it consistent with their brand. Highlighting their abundant social activity in this way emphasizes that it is clearly the voice of the destination.

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The Team

From account managers to developers, it takes many hands to bring these sites to life. Here is the team that works on this account.