Boone, NC

Watauga County Tourism Development Authority

The Boone area is an adventure junkie's favorite destination, situated right in the Blue Ridge Mountains! With year-round activities, it's no wonder Boone was named one of the top 50 adventure towns by National Geograhic. Simpleview aimed to create a website that was worthy of so much excitement and fun by creating some really great new features. The "Find Your Adventure" feature allows users to customize their trip on three adventure levels, easy, moderate and challenging. Another great feature is the seasonal call-out allowing users to start planning their next winter trip!

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Discovery Phase


"Find Your Adventure” in Boone NC, an outdoor activity mecca — there is something for everyone. In our discovery phase, we came up with choosing your levels of adventure for each Event and Things to Do listing. Boone makes it easy to maximize vacation satisfaction by connecting the visitor with exactly what they want to do.

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With all the activities available, Boone wanted to showcase its seasons. If you want to plan ahead for winter trips, you will be able to see everything that is being offered during that season…
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Fully Responsive

With a fully responsive site, visitors are able to access content from anywhere. Whether they are looking for last minute hotel deals from the comfort of their couch or searching for on the fly things to do, having a site that responds to multiple devices will make vacation planning a snap!


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From account managers to developers, it takes many hands to bring these sites to life. Here is the team that works on this account.