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Whether your current website design needs a refresh or an overhaul, it may be time to look at the quality of the experience you're putting out into the world.

The Experience Design group at Simpleview is informed on the latest UI/UX trends, industry best practices, and experts with the Simpleview CMS tools. By understanding how a visitor or user thinks, these fluid interactions provide the design framework for marketing professionals to successfully promote the destination and provide a great online visitor experience and audience engagement which is essential to your digital brand.

Experience Visit Oakland

Shedding its rough reputation, replacing it with modern revitalization. Visit Oakland wanted to embrace the street lifestyle for a contemporary edge to market to a younger generation. The project theme “Pretty & Gritty”, we created a contemporary minimalist design with large colorful images that boast the allure of urban and natural environments.

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See the wonders of Norway

Named one of the best tourism websites in the world, Norway provides memorable travel experiences and is the best resource to plan a trip. With a large collection of content we developed a dynamic search field to guide the user to the information they want. Norway has a lot to offer, many custom features were designed to make planning a trip easy.

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Norway 2

Explore Visit Irving

Our challenge was to highlight world-class entertainment, fine dining and the high-end leisure product offered in Irving. Our design solution created a clean modern look with the use of white space, mixing dark overlays with bright colors with a subtle texture to bring out the glam nightlife while still maintaining a friendly welcoming Texas vibe.

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Get creative with Spokane

Spokane’s citywide branding effort was very creative. With lots of bold patterns, great photography and a dominant use of the color purple. We used strong visual imagery to draw the visitor in, interactivity to surprise and delight, and immediate calls to action to address goals in one fell swoop.

New Mexico

Start your New Mexico adventure

The partnership we have with New Mexico enabled our team to design the best possible website for both visitors and residents. We created an interactive map that orients the visitor and the brand really sings throughout the design. We have an award-winning design we truly can be proud of.

Virginia Beach

See the vibrancy of Virginia Beach

Our design solution used lots of bright colors to create a fun coastal aesthetic and to achieve our goals. We used different color palettes to highlight the seasons and developed a themed approach. There are lots of cool hover states throughout the design and our mobile first solution really rocks.