CRM User Group Application

Here at Simpleview, our products and services are only as good as the depth of insights and input we receive from our valued customers. Those who are part of our CRM User Group are leaders within the travel and tourism industry, specifically the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) space.

Past User Group members have continuously given product feedback, which allows Simpleview to implement new ideas and streamline processes to keep DMOs at the top of their game. We’re confident that you can do the same, and we invite you to apply below if you would like to be a part of the upcoming CRM User Group. Please review the attachments and information below prior to submitting your application.


The Terms and Conditions & Non-Disclosure Agreement should be reviewed prior to submitting your application. You can download them here. Please be sure to read through the entire document, as these have specific details that you will be agreeing to upon being accepted into the User Group.


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What is a User Group?

A User Group is a group of representatives who use specific products and have a passion to influence the evolution of the products and share their knowledge with their peers.

Simpleview has two User Groups. One is for our Content Management System (CMS). The other is for our Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) and the additional products that integrate with the CRM such as the Cvent integration, Destination International’s MINT and EIC integrations, and more.

Each group is made up of product users with a minimum of one year of experience in the platform their User Group represents. For example, if you are on the CMS User Group, you have used the product actively for a minimum of one calendar year. The group is comprised of users that represent a wide range of DMO and industry models, as well as represent different sets of roles and responsibilities.


What do members of a User Group do?

Members of each User Group are able to:

  • Attend meetings and actively participate in discussions about products, feature sets or industry trends affecting the evolution of Simpleview’s products.
  • Engage members of their DMO to ensure the feedback collected for specific areas of the product are collected from users of those areas.
  • Review and filter ideas and suggestions from the user community in order to identify the most useful functionality and features that will best serve the CRM Community, CRM users, Destination Marketing and Management Organizations, and be the best use of Simpleview's resources.
  • Act as evangelists and enforcers of prescribed best practices within Simpleview’s tool sets.
  • Help shape new products and the product roadmap by contributing to discussions that outline the problems the industry, and DMOs specifically, need solved.
  • Volunteer for usability testing, beta testing, and early adoption of new products that are ready for evaluation prior to the rest of Simpleview’s client base.

What are the requirements for being on the User Group?

To qualify for participation on the User Group, applicants must have a minimum of one calendar year of hands-on usage within a live Simpleview CRM or CMS and must be full-time, permanent employees of the contracted organization for Simpleview products and services. Contract resources or third parties are not eligible to participate.

Each member serves a two-year term which will begin in January of their first year and runs through December of their second year. Each member acts as the sole representative of their DMO per term; however, others within the organization may be used at times for testing and input purposes as appropriately relevant to such activities.  

Participation is extremely vital to the success of the group. As such, applicants must be prepared to commit to the following participation requirements:

  1. There are five (5) scheduled User Group calls and two (2) onsite meetings each year.
    • Each member is required to attend all calls and meetings.
    • Attendance is taken at the start of each meeting. If two or more absences are recorded for a member, they may be excused from the group.
    • Two consecutive absences within a twelve (12) month period are not permitted and may be cause for the member being excused from the group.
    • Scheduled calls are in January (User Group Orientation), February, June, August, and October.
    • Scheduled onsites are held in April or May at the Simpleview Annual Summit and a second meeting is held in the Fall. Each meeting is held annually. Absences from the onsite at the Simpleview Annual Summit will not be permitted and may be cause for termination of group participation.
      • Each member agrees to commit to costs required to fully participate in user group. The total average cost of attendance for both onsite meetings is $1,300 - $2,800.
  2. Each member agrees to serve as a reference for Simpleview, including but not limited to, providing testimonials and feedback to current and prospective clients regarding Simpleview's products and services.
  3. Each member agrees, if asked, to participate in Summit presentations and/or serve as a mentor to new Summit attendees.
  4. Each member may be asked to provide up to 50 hours of the member's or DMO's time, per term, for the following items as needed and as requested by the CRM/CMS Product Manager. Participation, where applicable, is required.
    • Product Beta Testing
      • Includes completion of provided test materials, feedback, and review sessions of test results.
      • Attendance at beta meetings as appropriate.
    • Product/Industry Interviews
      • May include scheduling calls, meetings, surveys, and other forms of communication with User Group Member and/or DMO team members and the CRM/CMS Product Manager to discuss and collect information and feedback on existing features, proposed new features, tools or products, and industry information.
    • Product/Industry Surveys
      • Surveys are used for collecting insights on product updates, industry trends and topics, and DMO sentiment on possible offering and updates.
      • All surveys must be completed as requested by the Simpleview Product team.

Each member is required to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) which will require all discussions, calls, meetings, and surveys to be held in confidence and expressly prohibits the sharing of User Group information with third parties. All staff at the member DMO must comply with the NDA.


What are the advantages of becoming a User Group member?

Our current User Group members say the greatest things about being in the group is that they are able to influence the evolution of Simpleview's products to better assist the industry as a whole, as well as be seen as a thought leader by their peers.

In collaboration with the Product Managers, User Group members help guide the product vision by serving as the voice of the customer, providing valuable feedback and key input. You will have the unique opportunity to join forces with fellow users to brainstorm fresh and innovative solutions to the product which will benefit the user base as a whole.  

Camaraderie is key in the User Group! Not only will you have the chance to share your knowledge with the group, but you'll also learn tips and tricks from other users to help you use the product most effectively.  

You may also have the chance to beta test new products or enhancements to existing products before they are released.

In addition, you receive the following benefits:

  1. 50% off Simpleview Summit Registration
    • One full registration comp for a pre-Summit activity included
  2. Discounted costs on new products in exchange for beta testing participation
  3. 50% off all role-based training associated with Destinations International Summits

How will I know when my application has been processed?

After submitting your application, and once the application deadline has closed, you’ll receive an email from Simpleview’s marketing team letting you know whether or not you have been accepted to the User Group. If you do not receive an email by mid-November, please reach out to Tiffany Hess at to check the status of your application.