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“The visual identity overhaul allowed us to jumpstart an overall brand refresh. We used the process to create new ad copy, define where we wanted to go visually with our marketing, and launch into the website redesign.” 

— Jim Walter, CDME, Vice President and Director of Sales and Marketing, Visit Cheyenne

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Visual Identity or Full Brand Toolkit — What’s The Difference?


Your visual identity is how your destination’s brand is communicated visually through logos, color palettes, and fonts. Simpleview can help you capture the essence of your destination through your visual identity. Destinations often request a visual identity before a website redesign.

Sometimes, because what your destination was in the past doesn’t define what it’ll be in the future, your destination could benefit from a complete branding overhaul. More than strictly visuals, our brand toolkit services include:

Brand identity & ethos

The elements that define a destination — what it stands for, how it represents and expresses itself, and what it offers that’s unique. It aligns the destination’s personality with its marketing. 

Brand pillars

The unique touchpoints, values, and characteristics that add dimension to your destination and set it apart from others.

Brand story

Humanizes your destination through a cohesive and compelling narrative

Logo and tagline

An essential part of your brand's identity, the logo and tagline capture your brand in one image and one phrase. 

Graphic standards

If brand ethos is the “feeling” of a place, then graphic standards are a visual interpretation of those feelings. They define the look and feel of the brand through color, typography, and imagery.


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