FuturePace delivers enhanced pace reporting for DMOs, helping destinations make more informed decisions based on accurate forecasting data. Created in partnership with George Fenich, father of the TAP report, FuturePace was designed with improved data processing for greater accuracy in the calculation of pace targets, giving your destination the opportunity to identify and solve problems before they arise.

With FuturePace, users are promised the pace reporting trifecta: The power of Simpleview’s business intelligence team, full dynamic integration with your own CRM data, and access to the 2Synergize team for troubleshooting and support of data interpretation.



Product Features 



Enhanced Visual Reporting

FuturePace offers detailed charts with yearly, quarterly and monthly data, plus filterable comparisons by room nights, events and attendees. Enhanced views will help you easily identify what is already on-the-books, what is left-to-book and what is tentatively scheduled.


FuturePace on Monitor

CRM Integration Offers Real-Time Data

Through its integration with Simpleview CRM, FuturePace gives subscribers real-time access to two types of reporting:

The Long-Term Pace Report reflects a view of future years which allows destinations to identify "when you are in trouble, before you are in trouble," giving you the opportunity to implement a more proactive and aligned booking strategy with your stakeholders.

The Five-Year STLY Pace (Same Time Last Year) Report reflects a view of short-term events, which enables destinations to determine if they are ahead of the previous year's production. This report emulates the report formatting most commonly used by hotels, allowing them to easily understand your DMO's production in relation to their own pace production.