Simpleview DAM New Feature Release Sep 1, 2020: Updates to the Files Views & Asset Re-Order


Our Product team has recently made updates to the Simpleview DAM. Here are the highlights:

Files Views Updates 

We are excited to announce we have launched an upgrade to view and manage your assets using the new File view! This feature continues the implementation of SV Mosaic, Simpleview’s UX library, and replaces the current workflow of reviewing and editing assets within your DAM platform.

DAM - Files Views & Asset Reorder - 2020


To access this new view, you can select ‘Files’ and under the ‘Review’ section of the side navigation bar. Note this removes the additional step of selecting a file type. 

DAM - Nav_Review_Files- 2020

Selecting this navigation will bring you into the Files page which include all assets, both active and expired, contained in your DAM portal. 

In the new view, you can now hover over the thumbnail to display a larger preview of the asset. 

DAM - Files_Preview Asset 2020

You also have the additional ability to filter through the files using the ‘Keyword’ and ‘Asset Type’ filters located at the top of your view.

DAM- Files_Filter Options 2020

Action Icons
Using the new Files view, action icons have been added to each asset. These icons provide additional functionality that can be applied to an individual asset.

DAM - Files_Action Icons- 2020

Icons function are outlined below:

  • Pencil Icon: This allows users to view and edit asset details, such as metadata
  • Link Icon: If applicable, this action will display or allow you to link documents to the asset. 
  • Details Icon: This allows users to view the download details of the asset.
  • Ellipses Icon: This provides you the additional options to activate, deactivate or delete the asset.

Bulk Actions
Listening to the request submitted by you, our user base, we have also added the ability to complete workflows in bulk, such as activate, deactivate, edit and delete assets! This feature was designed to save you time, enabling you to manage multiple assets at once. To use this feature, select the checkboxes next to the assets you want to include in your bulk action and the action options will appear in the top header.

Note: The asset rank functionality is now on the ‘Edit Asset’ option for each asset type and on the bulk edit screen.

Custom Views
You can customize your Files view based off of what works best for you and your workflows. To customize your grid view, select the ‘Columns’ option in the top bar of your screen. This will open up the ‘Table Settings’ as a side overlay. From there, you can select which columns and their order to display in your view.

DAM- Files_Bulk_Action 2020

View options can be saved by using the ‘Save As’ feature at the top right of the view. This will allow you to reference saved views using the view dropdown menu without having to build it each time you access this screen. This also applies to any filter settings you may have used to your view.

Re-Order Assets in Download Queue / Public Collections

An update requested by our user base, the order of assets in the Download Queue and Public Collections has been reversed so that both are now ordered newest to oldest.

Bug Fixes

There was an error with some fields on Edit Users not getting saved into the database. This has been resolved. 

Posted by: Crystal Trujillo - Sep 1, 2020 11:39 AM
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