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With tastefully integrated banner ads and opportunities to sponsor content, Visit Tucson saw its partner-based advertising revenue grow 536% over a 6-month period.

Looking to give its partners more marketing opportunities and generate new revenue, Visit Tucson engaged Simpleview's Destination Travel Network (DTN) to create advertising opportunities on the VisitTucson.com site.

The initiative meant adding banner ads and other marketing call-outs on many of the site's most visited pages. However, since the Tucson brand is built partly on its being a destination that isn't flashy or artificial, it was important to preserve the integrity of the site design and find ways of adding marketing that balanced getting visitors' attention without being too splashy or loud.

The results were immediate: In the first two months, Visit Tucson's partner-based ad revenue jumped an average of 271%. Sales continued to grow by an average of 39% per month, and over the six month period from November 2012 to May 2013, Visit Tucson saw a staggering 536% increase in revenue from member advertising.

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Allison Schult
Vice President of Marketing, Visit Tucson
Tim Thurein
Senior Account Manager, Simpleview




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