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South Padre Island Convention Centre & CVB


When South Padre Island Convention Centre & CVB wanted to fund a new, responsive website, they funded it, in part, by jump-starting their new DTN engagement with partner ad space added to their existing site. The initiative demonstrates how DMOs can use DTN in a "reap and reinvest" model to continually advance their organizations.

As a college hotspot destination, South Padre Island Convention Centre & CVB sought to incorporate various services into its website to create a better experience for its audience, all-the-while increasing site revenue.

Through the addition of new features like a Social Media Hub and a TripAdvisor integration, the CVB was able to give visitors a more diverse and rich mix of content about its destination.

In the year following launch of the new site, South Padre Island Convention Centre & CVB experienced a 554% increase in visits (March 2013 to March 2014). Just as importantly, adding revenue generated through the DTN program covered a number of related development costs, including hosting and support.

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Christina Day
Senior Account Manager, Simpleview




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