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After engagement in the initial launch of the Sacramento Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) extranet was lower than anticipated, a successful re-launch strategy was developed and executed to better motivate partner participation.

The Sacramento CVB went live with Simpleview CRM in 2013, and their partners began utilizing the extranet in April 2014. Although they hit a peak month with 218 total logins, they also saw a low of 67 logins for both June and July 2014. Disappointed in the overall adoption of the extranet by its partners, Sacramento CVB was determined to design a strategy to increase participation.

With an extranet re-launch deadline of October 2014, the Sacramento CVB worked diligently to create a fun and engaging campaign that would not only motivate the partners to use the extranet, but gain more knowledge about its capabilities along the way. To begin, the CVB branded their extranet as Sacramento Partner Information Network, or "SPIN" for short. Next, partners received communications from the Sacramento CVB that encouraged them to attend the October mixer and built up excitement about what would be revealed. Two weeks before the mixer, the CVB sent an email to everyone with extranet access that included their username, password, and a brief explanation of SPIN.

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Christina Day
Senior Account Manager, Simpleview




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