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Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau


In a remarkably short span of time, Omaha Convention and Visitors Bureau made the leap of adopting CMS best practices across its entire marketing team, resulting in more efficient website updates and a SEO impact greater than ever before.

Rather than placing all website admin responsibilities on a single member of the marketing department, Omaha CVB made the decision to distribute tasks across their entire marketing team, aimed at developing deeper, more sustainable website skills for the DMO overall. What started as weekly "lunch break webinars" quickly became dedicated training for the Omaha team.

The team developed proficiency with tools for Snippets and Articles, reusing code to duplicate Interactive Maps, and developing multiple categories for articles. In doing so, they've created greater functionality on their website, as well as richer and more media-friendly press zones.

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Jasmyn Goodwin
Social Media & Communications Coordinator, Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau
Lynn Mace
Marketing Specialist, Omaha Convention & Visitors Bureau
Christina Day
Senior Account Manager, Simpleview



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