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Since Across Arizona Tours began advertising on Visit Mesa’s website, they have been completely pleased with the positive impact on their business. According to Leonardo Gem, one of Across Arizona Tours’ founders, “I’ve been so impressed that I’ve continued to expand my advertising on this website.”

Visit Mesa currently utilizes Destination Travel Network (DTN) as a way to showcase members and partners, and generate revenue. Across Arizona Tours provides day trips for individuals and large groups across the state of Arizona. After seeing the positive impact of listing their company’s information on Visit Mesa’s website, Across Arizona Tours was interested in finding an affordable online advertising program on the website that could help them reach an even larger audience.

The affordable cost of the advertising programs on Visit Mesa’s website allows Across Arizona Tours to achieve their goals of targeting two main audiences: business travelers in the fall and winter months and leisure travelers in the spring and summer. In addition, they have invested in a featured partner listing, which provides them with a unique advantage over other competitors in the space.

The DTN platform offers a variety of advertising options allowing DMOs the ability to provide more value and marketing opportunities to their members/partners. Across Arizona Tours is a great example of an advertiser who achieved their online marketing goals at an affordable costs, and as a result, VisitMesa.com is now the company’s number one referring website, with referrals from the website increasing 400% since prior to advertising.

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Paul Franke, Jr.
Director of Business Development, Simpleview