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In 2013, Experience Arlington began a focused SEO/SEM engagement that increased organic search traffic by more than 60% year over year. Combined with targeted PPC campaigns, the site's traffic overall grew by nearly a third in spite of a challenging change in its URL.

With a fresh new brand, Experience Arlington launched a completely redesigned website In 2012.

The decision to change domain names in the process was a long-range strategy that, nonetheless, posed some short-term traffic challenges that would negatively impact site traffic and rankings.

To minimize that negative impact, we combined pay-per-click search marketing to organic optimization, focusing on Arlington's rich roster of entertainment and sporting events.

Using Omniture analytics to dissect Arlington's existing traffic, we developed a targeted campaign designed to reach visitors who were researching events online, bring traffic back to the site and fortify the new domain.

In October 2013 alone, Experience Arlington had 30% more unique visitors year over year, and as of July 2014, Arlington's PPC campaign was generating nearly 5,000 clicks per month.

At the same time, the campaigns became a new source of revenue for the DMO, offering members a way to purchase greater exposure by marketing their events and offers through the DMO-coordinated campaigns.

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Christina Day
Senior Account Manager, Simpleview



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