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With a website redesign project underway, it was the ideal opportunity for Visit Alexandria to take advantage of a unique offering within Simpleview's build process. The "quality" of traffic on Visit Alexandria's website is measured by web engagement. They chose to focus on requests for the Official Alexandria Visitor Guide (digital or printed) as the primary measurement.

Visit Alexandria's main goal was to increase the rate at which this goal is reached, while still maintaining a strong user experience. The Simpleview team understood how much Visit Alexandria cared about their brand and user experience, meaning they didn't just want to place a giant "REQUEST A VISITOR GUIDE" banner in the header of their homepage. Although that may increase Visitor Guide requests, it wouldn't be consistent with their brand messaging, and would decrease the user experience quality for site visitors. The key to this project was in maintaining a delicate balance between experience and "conversion" of engagement metrics.

Sometimes, small changes can yield big results. With that knowledge, a subtle change was made to the Things to Do page introduction text, as it was one of the top visited pages on the site. The "Request a Visitor Guide" call-to-action was buried deep on the page, so the team set-up a scroll map to see how visitors engaged with this element on the current page. After the analysis was complete, a small call-to-action link was placed at the end of that paragraph for an increase in visitor guide engagement. In theory, if website visitors increase engagement with the content, they also increase the chance they will visit in-person. If a strong connection (as opposed to just passing awareness) with the potential visitor is established, they are more likely to respond to the opportunity to visit. 

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Luke Johnson
Senior Account Manager, Simpleview