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Albuquerque CVB launched its website with the Destination Travel Network in early 2014. Since then, the CVB has generated over 13 million advertising impressions and 17,000 clicks to advertiser websites.

The Albuquerque CVB was interested in a digital advertising platform that generated enough revenue to reinvest into other marketing needs. With the Destination Travel Network (DTN), the CVB had an all-inclusive solution that managed every aspect of implementation and sales, while simultaneously generating revenue for the CVB and providing additional exposure for members and partners.

Albuquerque CVB incorporated the platform as its website transitioned to Simpleview’s CMS. The CVB utilized spotlight banners, featured listings, page sponsorships, and other options on web pages to reach 1.4 million annual website visitors. In addition to DTN, the CVB also utilized Simpleview for CMS and CRM. “It’s much easier to manage website sales when the DMO has Simpleview as their CRM, CMS and DTN provider,” states Elise Rogers, Vice President of Development at Albuquerque. “Having a one-stop shop is really efficient and helpful.”

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Elise Rogers
Vice President of Development, Visit Albuquerque
Andy Ankney
DTN Account Executive, Simpleview




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