Visit Tampa Bay began working with Simpleview’s Destination Travel Network (DTN) in 2010 to initiate a digital advertising program for their industry partners on By 2012, with DTN managing the online ad sales as well as the back-end operations related to the program, the DMO saw notable success in terms of partner participation, ad performance and revenue. DTN was able to improve Visit Tampa Bay’s revenue from the program by 40%, and by 2013 there were 70 advertisers engaged with the program.

After briefly managing online ad sales and operations in-house in 2014, Visit Tampa Bay renewed its relationship with the DTN team the following year – a decision that took advantage of the team’s experience, expertise and effectiveness at managing the complexities inherent in the system. The renewed relationship benefitted both Visit Tampa Bay and its industry partners, especially those already familiar with DTN. The result: a growth in Visit Tampa Bay’s market and revenue stream. In turn, DTN saw even greater potential in the DMO’s market and set out to bring Visit Tampa Bay even more revenue, while returning them to a more streamlined, efficient management method.

The DTN ad program for Visit Tampa Bay continues to perform well in terms of participation, ad performance and revenue generation. Since reuniting with DTN in 2015, the DMO's number of advertisers has more than tripled from 2014 levels.