When you choose Destination Travel Network (DTN) for your digital content program, you join a team who shares one common goal: to get your local businesses more referrals through your website while generating non-dues revenue in the process. Every team needs a squad to cheer them to victory, and for DTN, that’s you!

Cheering for DTN is easy when you know how. Here we break down how to CHEER for the success of your digital content program.

Give me a ‘C’—Communication.

Communication is a key aspect in all parts of life, especially business. So getting your program off to the right start begins with the first step—communication. We need you to use our name in your communications so when your members and partners hear “Destination Travel Network” and “DTN” they know we are in a partnership.

  • Send a program announcement prior to the launch of your destination’s sales initiatives, (we give you a suggested template!).
  • Plan to send your own reminder emails throughout the year as DTN continues to reach out to your stakeholders.
  • Include the program in your welcome materials for new members and partners.

In today’s world it’s understandable that people are skeptical of those who call claiming partnerships. With your endorsement ahead of our sales initiatives, our representatives will be welcomed allies by your local businesses.

Give me an ‘H’—Holler.

From the rooftops to your meeting rooms, you can attract the right attention for Destination Travel Network and your paid digital content program by hooting and hollering about this program.

  • Show your enthusiasm by including mentions of the program any chance you get.
  • Share your excitement and talk to your stakeholders about digital content!

Your energy will be contagious and create interest in the program that your DTN sales representatives can use to their advantage.

Give me an ‘E’—Emphasize.

While we are going to execute marketing plans, you can help your program by emphasizing the paid digital content program.

  • Add a landing page on your website explaining your partnership with Destination Travel Network that includes the Media Kit and a link to contact DTN (we can help with content!).
  • Include information in your member/partner communications reminding your stakeholders about the program and the opportunity to get additional exposure and more referrals (ask us for copy ideas!).
  • Talk about the program at your in-person meetings, or invite DTN to host an on-site.
  • Introduce the program to your new local businesses as you welcome them to your community and your destination.
  • Add information on your Extranet.

Give me an ‘E’—Educate.

Educating your local community is two-fold: from your efforts making your website the most trusted resource for visitors to find places to stay, things to do and where to eat in your destination to helping your partners succeed in the digital landscape.

First your website—make sure your stakeholders know how valuable this resource is, how much you put into creating and maintaining the content and what kind of reach your DMO gets from your efforts.

  • Let your stakeholders know what avenues you use to promote your website:
    • Explain SEO campaigns and content marketing campaigns.
    • Tell them about marketing initiatives.
    • Show them advertisements with website mentions.
    • After the program launches, include referral statistics from your digital program in your annual report.
  • Share the analytics with your stakeholders by including reports on statistics in your communications, such as:
    • Users
    • Pageviews
    • Traffic sources

From there, we can provide a great deal of assistance. Your stakeholders are running businesses and are not necessarily savvy when it comes to digital content programs. But the professionals at Destination Travel Network are, and we want to be the resource for your local businesses.

  • Encourage your members to contact DTN to learn more about the opportunities for additional exposure using your website.
  • Share links to the DTN Advertiser Insights blog, featuring how-tos, tips and tricks and testimonials.
  • Encourage your advertisers to follow Destination Travel Network on Facebook to get alerts to new content and to put faces with the names (and voices!) of the people who work here.

Give me an ‘R’—Rally.

And finally, make sure you rally your internal team. Your stakeholders are going to contact you to ask questions about Destination Travel Network and your digital content program. Make sure your staff members who field membership benefit questions:

  • Know about DTN
  • Understand the program at the highest level
  • Have contact information for a smooth hand-off

Communicating, hollering, educating, emphasizing and rallying—together that’s the CHEER we need from you. With you actively on the sidelines, together we can establish a strong relationship with your local businesses so your digital content program is a winner for everyone.

If you have questions about your digital content program managed and serviced by DTN, reach out to Vicki Doyle at 520-284-1090. To learn more about initiating a digital content program on your DMO website, please contact Paul Franke at 412-254-9002, and visit the DTN website at destinationtravelnetwork.com.

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