As destinations across the country prepare to celebrate National Travel & Tourism Week, they’re asking themselves one question: Why does travel matter?

As the theme of this year’s week-long celebration, “Travel Matters” highlights the many ways the tourism industry contributes to American jobs, economic growth and personal well-being.

The event not only offers the opportunity to bring awareness to the importance of the U.S. travel industry as a whole, but also recognizes the role of destination marketing organizations in the tourism industry. This year, the U.S. Travel Association has identified seven ways that tourism makes a positive impact on the country.

Travel Matters:

  • To the economy
  • To new experiences
  • To our jobs
  • To keeping America connected
  • To health
  • To home-time pride
  • To families

Check out this video from the U.S. Travel Association to learn more:

For Rich Reasons, President of Simpleview: “travel matters on many fronts, but one of the most powerful aspects of travel is its ability to break down social, religious and cultural barriers.”

As your destination prepares to celebrate the occasion, ask yourself: why does travel matter to you? Get your employees involved, your partners and even locals in your destination! Share their responses on your social media channels (be sure to use the hashtag #NTTW19) or host an event with an interactive installation on May 7 for Travel Rally Day.

Do you have another creative way to showcase why travel matters? We’d love to see it! Tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and we may share your answers!

Happy celebrating!

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