If you’re currently living in a world of open tabs, spreadsheets, highlighters, and more, it might be helpful to know that you’re not alone. Simpleview offers a myriad of meeting planner tools that you can use to make your to-do list less daunting and your events more purposeful. 

Going forward, meetings and events will be more important than ever to help communities recover their tourism dollars. Our tools help bridge the gap between the meetings DMOs have and the ones they want, while our expertise can translate into better bookings.

Products to Add to Your Meeting & Events Toolbox

Use a native iOS and Android app to generate excitement by highlighting your next event! Set up an agenda, link to presentations, send timely notifications, and encourage attendee participation all from the app. Plus, if you’ve got a busy event season, you can easily repurpose your content for each meeting, set up multiple events, and password-protect exclusive sections of the app. 

  • Meeting and/or agenda centric apps — the following examples are from Christ in Youth, an organization that hosts summer conferences, interactive programs, international trips, and retreats:


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Leveraging data science through pattern matching — the first iteration of recommended meeting profiles is available for MINT+ subscribers. It’s similar to how Netflix makes recommendations; because you booked meetings like these in the past, you might want to consider these recommended meetings for future solicitation.

  • The recommendations are unique to each destination marketing organization (DMO) and identified based on its unique historical booking patterns. Users can then sort the recommendations by key market classification, region, or size. 

Insights Hub

The sales process for events and meetings can be long and complex, so you need the most accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips. Simpleview’s Insights Hub provides data on:

  • Meeting industry trends and insights
  • Meeting leads
  • Booked events
  • Postponed and canceled events

VenueOps Integration with Simpleview CRM

Offered by EventBooking, VenueOps is an intuitive, cloud-based venue management and booking application designed for conference centers, performing arts centers, arenas, and stadiums.


In addition to helping destinations make more informed decisions based on accurate forecasting data, its enhanced visual reporting offers detailed charts with yearly, quarterly, and monthly data, plus filterable comparisons by room nights, events, and attendees. Enhanced views will help you easily identify what is already on-the-books, left-to-book, and tentatively scheduled.


Built specifically for the hospitality industry, SendSites is a proposal generator partner that empowers sales and marketing professionals to quickly and easily create high-quality, curated, web-based proposals, bid books, and other communications. By streamlining the proposal development process, you can focus more time on selling and less time on building proposals. Our engaging, interactive proposals solution will help your team win more business.

Event Impact Calculator (EIC)

The Event Impact Calculator (EIC) measures the economic value of an event and calculates its return on investment to local taxes. Armed with this information, DMOs and CVBs are better prepared to make the case to policymakers and stakeholders for the ongoing development and growth of the events and meetings sectors. 

  • The calculator is updated annually and draws on 10 different data sources to provide an industry-wide standard.

CRM + Eventsforce

From the easier-to-use Eventsforce interface, you can manage invoicing, website management, attendee registration, session management, and ticketing.

  • Create email templates and campaigns to follow up with your users, and invitation templates that can be tailored to individual attendee types. 
  • Event managers can readily send email reminders about missing information, additional event details, or event reminders. 
  • In addition to the event and attendee data found in the CRM “Benefits Summary” tab, you have access to onsite reporting to view check-ins, registrations by category, revenue, event summary, comparisons over time, and more.
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