Throughout January, we have focused The Layover Live around preparing for the year ahead. From sharing data privacy updates to preparing for Google Analytics 4 to guiding your overall marketing strategy, January’s episodes were created to help destination marketers prepare for recovery. 
To close out the month, Ben Holman, our Lead Digital Media Analyst, joins Jason on episode 150 of The Layover Live to talk about what’s ahead for paid media in 2021. Ben and Jason discuss upcoming data privacy changes and how the recent iOS updates could impact your paid media efforts. In addition, they share recent trends in paid media and advice on how to start planning for the future based on the current data. 

“In terms of what’s currently running, we do recommend if you have Facebook ads or even search ads, just do a quick check of your copy again. You can kind of shift more of that aspirational, future planning and dreaming stage at this point, instead of encouraging an immediate road trip with where cases are in a lot of the country. Another important point that people can start planning for is thinking of all the ways you can remarket to people who have engaged with you over the past nine months or so.” - Ben Holman


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