Event DirectAttend any event today and most likely you'll find a dedicated mobile app. In fact, eighty-six percent of event planners expected to have an app at their event in 2016.

But as mobile event apps become the norm, what capabilities do attendees really want? And more importantly, how do planners add new features to make them love it?

Here's how:

It Starts with a Central Hub for Event Participants

In the early days of mobile event apps, planners reaped many of the benefits. Instead of printing conference agendas and maps, the mobile app became the digital guide. If a last-minute schedule change happened, it was easy for planners to update the schedule and notify attendees.

But as event apps caught on and features expanded, mobile apps- like Zerista's ultimate app for successful events-have become a central communication hub for event participants. Attendees plan and customize their entire event experience in the palm of their hands, including:


  • Setting a personalized program of sessions to attend and exhibits to visit
  • Learning about and booking meetings with speakers, sponsors and exhibitors
  • Saving a digital scrapbook of event collateral and handouts
  • Connecting with like-minded participants
  • Participating in polls and surveys to share real-time feedback
  • But as mobile event apps provide what attendees really want for a successful experience inside the event, what about their experience outside the conference venue walls?


That's where connecting the conference experience to the local destination comes in-and how we make attendees love our mobile event apps.

It Expands to Destination Details

Here at Zerista, one big shift we're doing is to give event participants not only a complete experience inside the conference venue-but outside the venue too.

What does this mean?

Imagine you're from New York and attending an event in London. You might start planning your hotel on the conference website. Next, you head to other sites to research and book your airfare.

But what if you're planning to extend your business trip to include a bit of leisure ("bleisure" as it's now being called)? Now you're also making dining reservations at a few top local restaurants or buying tickets to a show at even more websites. All of a sudden, you're clicking around to dozens of sites and making so many plans it's hard to keep track of.

To make attendees love our event apps, planners need to consider adding a city destination guide to our mobile event apps. With these city guides, attendees can find hotels, make air arrangements and manage all other details like dining and attractions related to their entire bleisure experience in a single, centralized platform.

For example, the City Guide is JackRabbit's dynamic search engine integrated into Zerista's app. Zerista offers search functionality to over 240 destination websites, making City Guides available for any market across the globe powered by JackRabbit Systems book direct platform.

With this kind of information at their fingertips in one easy-to- use platform, attendees save time and money planning their entire experience. Talk about a one-stop shop that increases engagement within the app-and helps participants enjoy their entire time in and around your event.

Next time you're making plans for your mobile event app, consider one that delivers an entire experience both inside and outside the conference walls. Your attendees will love you for it.