The atmosphere at the company is dictated by its employees who value hard work in a relaxed and fun environment.  Employees encourage each other to work hard and push their boundaries, but never at the expense of their family obligations.  To say that we are a “work hard/ play hard” company would be cliché, but we do believe that work should be fun, we should challenge ourselves constantly, and we should have time for our personal lives. 

To provide a little better understanding of how we see ourselves as unique, our employees reminded us of the following things:

  • We find it funny that out of thirty employees, we have two people named Chris, two named Scott, two named Alex, two named John, two named Sean and three named Ryan!
  • People often play pranks on one another, whether it is hanging a Justin Timberlake poster in someone's office to see how long it takes them to notice, forcing someone's computer to play "Who Let the Dogs Out" every time the move their mouse, or the ongoing game of “hide the old boot” in someone’s desk …little pranks keep the mood light.
  • Similarly, we have unique ways of initiating our new employees and making them feel "at home."  We have a framed high-school senior picture of our CFO and a framed picture of a stray dog, that each new person must keep on their desk until another new person arrives.
  • The most unique thing is probably that we don't see any of this as unique.  These examples are just manifestations of our company culture and the fact that we are, in our own way...different.